LiteTrax vehicles are lightweight, low ground pressure vehicles with the ability to tread lightly due to their extremely large track area. This imparts less than 1/2 psi of pressure on the ground or snow. An ATC will slip, slide and dig itself into a hole in bad winter conditions, but the LiteTrax treads are designed to stop slipping while still giving you plenty of torque to get the job done.


Lite Trax Vehicles have many uses. Whether you need a machine for Cabin Access or Snow Removal or for something more involved such as snow grooming, a LiteTrax Snowcat is the vehicle for you!



LiteTrax Machines are designed for all types of snow conditions. There is no snow machine on Earth that is completely exempt from getting stuck but LiteTrax comes close while still providing comfort to its passengers. Its ability to float on top of the snow makes it the perfect snow machine.  We have three series of machines to suit your needs.

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The New LiteTrax 24

The NEW 24" Tracks are here! 24" wide with 1.75" deep paddles. 20% more floatation, 40% more traction!

Welcome to LiteTrax!  We have the perfect solution for lightweight, personal,  tracked snow vehicles. Our LiteTrax Snowmachines are called many things by many people.  Call it a snowcat, remote access snow vehicle, or even a side-by-side for the snow, we build the most affordable purpose-built tracked vehicles on the planet.  Click here for an explanation of each of our products, and then head on over to the photos page for some awesome pictures!  Looking for a price?  MSRP for these machines range from $19,767 to $38,225, however, due to the customized nature of every LiteTrax machine we sell it is difficult to attach a one-price-fits-all tag to our machines. Check out the quotes page and we will get you a personalized quote for free.  We are currently taking orders for 2014 delivery dates, and have a limited number of build opportunities available!




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