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LiteTrax MuddTrax: The Utility Tracked Vehicle


LiteTrax utility tracked vehicle began with the purpose of developing the ultimate lightweight, low-pressure, all-terrain snow vehicle that could be priced within the reach of every cabin owner, ski club, and small business. Our industry experts in engineering and winter sports combined technical knowledge and application to create the first LiteTrax models in 2000. Since then, our designs have evolved into nine specialized crafts tackling dozens of different tasks varying between recreation, travel, transport, plowing, towing, emergency assistance, and more.


LiteTrax continues to grow through superior customer service and innovative integration. We value customer feedback, and we actively use your thoughts and opinions in our designs. Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction shows in each of our models and is reflected in every phase of our design process.
We give our customers the best utility tracked vehicle for their use and provide simple, durable, and versatile solutions in difficult environments. See our cutting-edge developments for a look into our unique design process and learn more about our LiteTrax applications and features to find your ideal machine.


With their ability to haul people and gear, and cut a road or groom a trail at the same time, SnowTrax are also a common means of reaching cell towers, water tanks, and ranger stations. The LiteTrax snow vehicles offer a balance of maneuverability and power to ground transfer, making it ideal for pulling heavy loads in both sleighs and groomer drags. With on-board hydraulic options, it’s size and weight, and being designed for snow and extreme terrain, a SnowTrax is the perfect choice to get the job done.


LiteTrax has made a continuing effort to incorporate safety features into their SnowCat vehicle design. Since the early 2000s, LiteTrax snow vehicle design and manufacturing has created a superior and highly reliable machine. With all of the previously described advantages, the LiteTrax SnowCat vehicle is exactly the right machine to perform tasks with safety and reliability. If you are looking for a fully functional utility tracked vehicle to traverse the snow, our LiteTrax SnowCats are second to none.
We offer several different models of SnowCats for your different needs. Contact us today for a free quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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