LiteTrax High Elevation Machine: Recreational Uses

MuddTrax: The True ALL TERRAIN Vehicle

MUDDTRAX is the true all terrain vehicle, and it’s not even close

MuddTrax: the true all terrain vehicle is an amphibious vehicle and are designed to conquer any terrain and get you anywhere you need to go. The light-weight frame and low-pressure drive system takes MuddTrax easily through areas that would stop other ATVs. Propelled forward on a track system instead of wheels, MuddTrax soldiers through rocks, sand, snow and mud without stopping. Designed with an amphibious chassis, MuddTrax vehicles are right at home in the water and won’t stop even when submerged.

MuddTrax amphibious vehicles are available in multiple sizes and strengths, giving you the perfect fit for your needs. Hunters, farmers, avid outdoorsmen, sportsmen and all those living, working or exploring off the beaten trail love MuddTrax vehicles. You can reach new places and power through any difficult weather, leaving no obstacles in your path. From rocky cliff sides to snow-swept hills, flooded river plains, muddy forest trails, wetlands and more, MuddTrax takes you farther than you’ve ever gone before.

Take a look at the designs available to find a model that is right for you. See the additional features to make your ride more comfortable or more functional. To order, contact LiteTrax today.