Ultimate Personal Tracked Vehicle

MuddTrax: The Ultimate Personal Tracked Vehicle

The MuddTrax 1500/1600 MTX is the ultimate personal tracked vehicle in any conditions.

The 1500/1600 MTX is the ultimate personal tracked vehicle, with its ability to travel over most surfaces. Like SnowTrax snowcats, MuddTrax is a low ground pressure vehicle that will stay up on top of the snow, mud, and even water! That’s right, this thing can float.

Track Lead Angle –

MuddTrax vehicles have a tall lead in angle on the track. This allows MuddTrax to navigate over large objects such as logs, rocks, and steep banks. As needed, the lead angle changes to a shallower angle as it traverses objects, requiring less power and providing for a smoother ride.

Track Suspension-

MuddTrax vehicles have 16” of suspension which means more track on the ground, equating to lower ground pressure and a much more comfortable ride. The highly dynamic track suspension uses solid wheels and bearings and has no pneumatic wheels to go flat, adding to a worry-free ride.

Sealed Body-

MuddTrax vehicles have a completely sealed body with no axles, bolts, or hoses going through the body with the exception of the boat drain plug. This sealed body allows the Muddrax to float and propel itself through the water without the fear of leaks.

Hydrostatic Drive System-

The unique drive system, designed and manufactured to LiteTrax specifications, is very efficient and has a long life expectancy. MuddTrax vehicles have no chains, belts, or sprockets that need to be maintained, providing a worry-free experience.

Track Height-

The MuddTrax vehicle has a unique track height allowing the top the track to stay out of the water. With the top of the track out of the water the vehicle will propel itself forward.
The 1500 MTX comes with a 45 hp Turbo Diesel Fuel Injected, liquid cooled engine, Hydrostatic pump (Heavy duty and electronic controls) and the controls (electronic joystick and display). This allows the vehicle to have more horse power and torque, especially at higher elevations, and provide more comfortable controls and still furnish the same functionality of the 1000 MTX-M (37 hp –air cooled gas).
The 1600 MTX comes with a 57 hp EFI Gas Engine, Hydrostatic pump (Heavy duty and electronic controls) and the controls (electronic joystick and display).

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