People With Limitations


These LiteTrax vehicles are for ANYONE, even those with limited mobility such as respiratory, heart, or joint issues that limit their ability to walk, or ride ATV’s long distances. They are also for individuals who have no use of or lost limbs, or are wheelchair bound. They are able to regain access to much of what they thought they had left behind due to their accident or illness.
With the number of people either injured in our military or through farming and logging accidents, or the many people that simply have mobility issues; the LiteTrax vehicles can have a huge impact on their quality of life. No longer are they limited to the house, or roads, but now they can get out into the snowy back country, fields, and woods, to work and be productive again.
LiteTrax vehicles are a remarkable innovation, having zero point turn technology capable of turning on their own axis, with amazing traction to make the great outdoors accessible again! This gives the rider the ability to reach remote areas that seemed impossible before. The LiteTrax vehicle is designed with simple fingertip joystick control for easy operation. The LiteTrax vehicles can be equipped with the proper seating and 5 point harness to provide the rider with upper body support while traveling and operating the vehicle. LiteTrax vehicles can be used for any number of activities, such as winter cabin access, winter travel, snowplowing, hunting, fishing, bird watching, working on the farm or ranch, or beachcombing.