Summertime Tracked Vehicles

Summertime Tracked Vehicles To Get You Anywhere

When you think of a “tracked vehicle” most people imagine a Snow Cat of some sort. We’re here to open their eyes to the Summertime Tracked Vehicles!

What are summertime tracked vehicles, and why would you need one? Let’s take a look at the LiteTrax MuddTrax Series. LiteTrax specializes in lightweight, personal tracked vehicles to navigate even the worst conditions.  LiteTrax vehicles are specially designed to traverse snow, ice, mud, and water, and tackle heavy jobs with ease.  Customers use our vehicles for a wide range of difficult activities, including snow removal, towing, cross country ski trail grooming, tubing hill grooming, ski hill grooming, transport, search and rescue, and much more.

Both the LiteTrax remote access snow and mud vehicles feature a wide base with all-terrain treads that maneuver easily over snowy or muddy surfaces of any depth.  The tracks provide superior traction while the low, wide base maintains stability over uneven surfaces and steep inclines.  A compact personal cab allows for tight turning radius and low clearance, so wooded trails, winding passes, and muddy terrain are no obstacle.  In addition, our MuddTrax vehicle is fully amphibious. Our product lines fulfill a versatile range of tasks and are highly customizable to suit your needs.


This summertime tracked vehicle is an incredible machine. with its ability to travel over most surfaces. Like SnowTrax snowcats, MuddTrax is a low ground pressure vehicle that will stay up on top of the snow.

The 1000 MTX-M is similar in size, shape and capability to the 1600 MTX-E and the 1500 MTX-D, but where if differs is in the engine (air cooled), Hydrostatic pump (medium duty and manual controls) and the controls (mechanical joystick). This allows the vehicle to be lighter weight and more affordable and still provide the same functionality of the 1600 MTX-E (57 hp -liquid cooled gas) and the 1500 MTX –  D (45 hp Turbo Diesel)

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