The Snowy Mountains Aren’t Just For Skis Anymore

The Snowy Mountains Aren’t Just For Skis Anymore

The Snowy Mountains Aren’t Just For Skis Anymore: The LiteTrax vehicle is ideal for many recreational activities, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, trail access, skiing, and exploring. The vehicle bed offers a convenient place to store heavy gear, and a sled or trailer can be added for even more packing room. With it’s ability to maneuver through rough terrain, the vehicle will take you to places you thought were inaccessible.

Have you tried to turn a tracked ATV? If you have, you know that tight spaces can be difficult to maneuver. Our LiteTrax vehicles can perform a zero-point turn, and navigate through even the tightest of spaces. Think of trying to ride an ATV or a snowmobile to the top of a trail with possible soft snow or slush. No one wants to have to think about whether or not their vehicle can make it up or down the slope without getting stuck or sliding backwards. With the track-driven system of the LiteTrax, you’ll keep moving forward no matter the terrain.

The vehicle bed is made for carrying gear, and is perfect for carrying camping essentials and extra gear to your site. With a variety of different tracks to choose from, you can be sure that all of your needs are met with a LiteTrax.

Since the early 2000s, LiteTrax’s SnowCat design and manufacturing has been continually refined into the superior and highly reliable machine it is today. With all of the previously described advantages, the LiteTrax SnowCat is the right choice to safely and reliably get you from point A to B through any conditions. Any of our SnowCats will get you where you want to go in style. Give us a call and learn more about the SnowCat, and see why so many customers have trusted us over the years for all their snow vehicle needs.

Both SnowTrax and MuddTrax vehicles are designed and built to access remote areas and are perfect for transporting people and gear. The differences you will find are that SnowTrax is unique in it’s ability to stay up on top of the snow and is designed as an implement carrier. MuddTrax has the ability to handle obstacles, mud, and water.

Remote Cabin and Property access

For years, people have used snowmobiles to access cabins in the winter. Snowmobiles are fun and go fast, but as most who have tried them have found, they are marginal at best when it comes to transporting people and gear. SnowTrax vehicles were conceived as a winter access vehicle for cabins and properties. Due to the lightweight nature of the SnowTrax and it’s tracks having a large contact surface with the ground, it has the ability to stay up on top of the snow instead of push through the snow. This low ground pressure approach makes SnowTrax unique in its ability to travel on the snow. It also provides a warm, dry, and comfortable environment to travel to and from various locations. SnowTrax makes hauling people and gear easy and fun. With up to 4 seats and places to stow gear SnowTrax snow cats will get you to your cabin or property in the winter.
MuddTrax is a must have if you need to traverse mud, water, and obstacles. Some areas are very difficult, if not impossible to access without the ability to travel in and out of water, mud, and over dry ground with obstacles. MuddTrax can navigate all three and travel in the snow as well. The tall lead angle and the 16” of suspension paired with the 18” of ground clearance make MuddTrax unique in its ability to travel where very few things can while riding comfortably. MuddTrax makes hauling people and gear easy and fun. With up to 4 seats and places to stow gear, the MuddTrax mud buggy will get you to your cabin or property in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Remote Equipment access

Both SnowTrax and MuddTrax are great tools to get you to those hard to reach equipment sites. Whether it is a water tank, a communication tower, a water well, or an oil & gas well, diversion dam, or other remote equipment location, these unique low ground pressure vehicles will get you where you need to go. The LiteTrax vehicles can haul people, gear, fuel, equipment, tools, and supplies into remote locations.

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