Search And Rescue

Getting to the victim quickly and safely is the goal in search and rescue. You want a vehicle that can get off the road and get into tight spots without getting stuck. MuddTrax and SnowTrax by LiteTrax can maneuver around and through many obstacles and ground surfaces that trucks, snowmobiles and ATVs can’t.








SnowTrax low ground pressure vehicles are capable of floating on top of the snow, making snow depth unimportant. SnowTrax travel across the snow effortlessly and have no problem with dry or muddy ground. SnowTrax can be fitted with a comfortable, heated enclosure that is specially designed for transporting a driver, EMT, and a gurney.

Mud and Water









MuddTrax is very unique in its ability to travel over large objects, with 18 inches of ground clearance and 16 inches of suspension. With it’s unique lead angle on the track, logs and rocks are less of a challenge. Not only can it travel over obstacles, it is capable of traveling in the water, over marshy ground, and over snow.

MuddTrax machines are easy to use and easy to operate. With our optional enclosure, victims can be brought out in comfort. Our vehicles can get your team in and the victim out for a third of the cost of usual rescue operations, and grants and financing are available for qualified departments in participating states. Plus, our vehicles are low in maintenance cost, making them a cost-effective option for any rescue service.

Safety is a major concern when it comes to helping others, and no one wants to worry about the risks of their vehicle not working or overturning during a rescue. Our search and rescue snow and mud vehicles have incorporated safety features that are second to none. In addition to our superior safety standards, the elevated driver’s compartment provides excellent visibility for safe operation while traveling over uneven ground while you search and make contact with the victim.

The smoothness of the ride also makes for an added safety feature. The SnowTrax and MuddTrax suspension provides a smooth and stable ride for both you and the rescued individual. This provides both a more comfortable ride for the operator, who may be in a seat for long hours searching for a missing person, as well as the victim, who might be in pain or have sensitive broken bones or injuries that a rough ride on bumpy terrain can aggravate or make worse.