Basic Uses

Basic Uses for MuddTrax and SnowTrax

snow_trax Both SnowTrax and MuddTrax vehicles are designed and built to access remote areas and are perfect for transporting people and gear. If you have a specific task you are looking to accomplish, you will find both SnowTrax and MuddTrax are equipped with features to allow you attachment points and onboard hydraulic power to meet your needs.

Snow –

The SnowTrax Series is great for grooming both snowmobile trails and cross country ski trails. The SnowTrax SnowCats are well suited for plowing snow, and with their zero-point turn capability and large surface contact with the ground, they can move a large amount of snow.
Among the basic uses for SnowTrax are plowing small parking lots, driveways, and trails, as well as cutting roads through snow drift areas. The vehicles are also great for accessing remote utility stations and equipment locations. Our Snow Cats are a perfect option for all of your snow moving needs.
With their ability to haul people and gear, and cut a road or groom a trail at the same time, SnowTrax are also a common means of reaching cell towers, water tanks and ranger stations. The LiteTrax snow vehicles offer a balance of maneuverability and power to ground transfer, making them ideal for pulling heavy loads in both sleighs and groomer drags. With on-board hydraulic options, their size and weight, and being designed for snow and extreme terrain, they are the perfect choice to get the job done.

Mud and Water –

MuddTrax by LiteTrax is designed as a year round vehicle. With the unique ability of the MuddTrax to float and propel itself in the water, and its agile track system matched with it high ground clearance, MuddTrax is a must have in wet and rugged areas.
MuddTrax has a style all its own, with its ability to traverse across obstacles and keep a maximum amount of track on the ground. With these features, plus it’s ability to travel in and out of water and across marsh and swamp, as well as snow, many possibilities are opened up that weren’t feasible before.

Commitment to Safety –

We have a continuing effort to incorporate safety features into both our MuddTrax and SnowTrax vehicle design. Since the early 2000s, LiteTrax design and manufacturing has created a superior and highly reliable machine. With all of the previously described advantages, the LiteTrax low ground pressure vehicles are exactly the right machines to perform tasks safely and reliably, as many satisfied customers worldwide can attest. If you are looking for a fully functional vehicle to traverse snow, mud, water, and obstacles, our LiteTrax Tracked vehicles are second to none.

Variety of Models –

We offer several different models of Snow Cats and with our 3 new models of MuddTrax, you will find exactly what you need. Contact us today for a free quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!