Our Favorite Fabricated and Homemade Tracked Vehicles

At LiteTrax we are always keeping tabs on our industry, we love seeing how people are creating new ways to utilize the track system. Here are some of our favorites! *SPOILER ALERT*, the last one on the list is our all time favorite 🙂

Tracked Motorcycle for Every Terrain

Here’s something you probably haven’t ever seen before: a concept vehicle designed for Michelin that has a single track but looks like a motorcycle. It’s supposed to ride on any surface, whether it be sand or even mud. The bad part? It’s only a concept and probably isn’t going to be hitting the manufacturing floor anytime soon.


Restored Antique Car With Half Track

The sky is the limit when it comes to projects with the Creeper Track Society. This restoration involved a Citroën Kegresse P17E where the back tires were swapped out with a track system instead of new rubber. Plus, the front wheels were left alone, so that the restored vehicle could drive more efficiently without putting so much strain on the back track.



2nd Best Tracked Vehicle for Snow: VW Bus

What does it look like when you mix a track chassis with an old VW bus from 1966? This. No, it’s not a Prinoth utility vehicle; it’s your own personal snow bus! The traction is so good, you can use to haul out of Timberline Lodge or the Overlook Hotel without worrying whether or not you’ll get stuck out in the cold. Be careful and watch out for the mountain hippies though

Removable Clip on Tracks for Your Truck

Remember playing with plastic building blocks as a kid and just snapping on extra pieces as you go? These “Track N Go” truck tracks are almost just as good! Add them onto your truck or SUV to easily drive through the roughest terrain. They install in just 15 minutes. When you don’t need them, just put them back in your truck bed.


See them in action, here:


Remote Control Tracked Lawnmower

Hesitant to mow that steep incline on your property? Would you prefer to lounge in the shade while you drive your mower around with a convenient hand control? Then this gas-powered track lawnmower is right up your alley. Why put yourself in harm’s way when you could get hard yard work done from the hammock?


Cool Tracked Vehicles: Personal VW Bug Car on Tracks

Is this a tank or is it a slug bug? Nothing is going to stand in your way when you’re driving this baby around town. Did you see that the tracks are homemade as well? The only thing you might be concerned about is squeezing in and out of the gullwing doors.



Snow Bikes for those missing those mountain summer Dirt Bike rides

Snow biking combines the agility of a dirt bike with the terrain capabilities of a snowmobile. Convert your bike from dirt to snow and back again with Timbersled. Watch this insane video by Red Bull of this new Snow Bike setup.


Off Road Tracked Wheelchair

Don’t let immobility or a physical impairment stand in the way of enjoying the great outdoors. With the Extreme Offroad wheelchair, you can go out with your hunting buddies, cross small streams, and keep up with the everyday past times that you’ve always enjoyed. Your wheelchair drives straight up into the tracked system, preventing the need for help with transfers. Plus, when you snag your game, you can haul it off on your own.

Off Road Tracked Wheelchair


While we absolutely love all the creativity and ingenuity of the above tracked vehicles, there isn’t quite anything like the ultimate, light-weight, all-terrain, vehicle made by us here at LiteTrax! Our vehicles are specially designed to traverse snow, ice, mud, and water, and tackle heavy jobs with ease.  Customers use our vehicles for a wide range of difficult activities, including snow removal, towing, cross country ski trail grooming, tubing hill grooming, ski hill grooming, transport, search and rescue, and much more. 

LiteTrax 1000