Best Personal Tracked Vehicle

LiteTrax Makes The Best Personal Tracked Vehicle

LiteTrax, the creator of the SnowTrax and MuddTrax make the best personal tracked vehicle.

Both the LiteTrax products offer the best personal tracked vehicle experience. Giving the rider remote access snow and mud vehicles feature a wide base with all-terrain treads that maneuver easily over snowy or muddy surfaces of any depth.  The tracks provide superior traction while the low, wide base maintains stability over uneven surfaces and steep inclines.  A compact personal cab allows for tight turning radius and low clearance, so wooded trails, winding passes, and muddy terrain are no obstacle.  In addition, our MuddTrax vehicle is fully amphibious. Our product lines fulfill a versatile range of tasks and are highly customizable to suit your needs.

MuddTrax by LiteTrax –

Are designed and especially suited for difficult applications and performs well in a wide range of conditions. The three different models allow you to access remote locations in difficult water, mud and snow conditions, regardless of weather, temperature, elevation or terrain. With variable speed, strength and torque, you can select a MuddTrax that will target your particular need and enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride with top efficiency, year round.
MuddTrax is well suited for marshy areas, propelling through water and maneuvering over objects, making it possible to get to the hard to reach areas. It provides a comfortable ride and is reliable when transporting people and gear to extreme remote areas is required.

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