The 2018 MuddTrax Lineup

The low ground pressure, light weight MuddTrax series provides a powerful solution to get you where you want to go. With its high ground clearance and its comfortable dynamic suspension system, the MuddTrax will climb steep embankments, traverse difficult terrain, stay on top of the snow and propel itself through water, easily surpassing its competition.

If power is what you are looking for, the 2018 MuddTrax Series 1500 MTX and the 1600 MTX are easily the machine of choice. This compact, low ground pressure vehicle is designed to get you to the most remote of locations no matter the terrain. Equipped with a 57 HP Kubota Gas and 45 HP Kubota Turbo Diesel Engines, MuddTrax are designed to give you ample power at higher elevations as well as exceptional torque for all seasons and all terrain conditions.

The MuddTrax Series is hydrostatically driven, providing unsurpassed control and maneuverability. The MuddTrax Series is easy to operate, provides a comfortable ride, and is easy to maintain. The MuddTrax Series amphibious vehicle will get you and your gear where you need to go. You will find these vehicles being used in a variety of applications, such as: cabin access, ice fishing, hunting, farming, utility sites maintenance, winter sports, transportation, exploration, traversing difficult terrain such as Muskeg and swamp lands, search and rescue, ADA applications, and many more.

Available Series

2018 Muddtrax Series by LiteTrax

  • 1000 MTX- Kohler gas EFI, 38 hp, 2 or 4 person cabs: Elevations under 5,000 ft
  • 1500/1600 MTX- Kubota turbo diesel or gas, 45 or 57 hp, 2 or 4 person cabs: Elevations under 10,000 ft
  • 2000 MTX – Hatz Turbo Diesel, 74 hp, 2 person Cab Aux Hydraulics: High Elevations


Rear Seat Sun Screen Soft Top Hard Top Cargo Beds
Winch Front Push Guard Hard and Soft Enclosures Rear Mower Heaters
Firefighting PKG Mosquito Abetment Spray PKG Rear Jib Boom Cold Weather PKG


A Full Overview of the 2018 MuddTrax Lineup

For a complete look at the 2018 Muddtrax by LiteTrax line up you can click here, to view our promotional PDF flyer.

2018-MuddTrax-Lineup-1 2018-MuddTrax-Lineup 2018-MuddTrax-Lineup
2018-MuddTrax-Lineup 2018-MuddTrax-Lineup