LiteTrax Use/Applications


The LiteTrax Snowcat is Ideal for:


The Lite Trax Snowcat is uniquely outfitted to serve a wide range of activities that might be difficult, dangerous or even impossible in the snow. Lite Trax snow vehicles utilize a wide, treaded base to evenly spread minimal pressure across loose terrain, such as snow, sand, mud, slush or marshland, so it does not stick or slip. The lightweight, low ground pressure vehicle is a lifeline in hazardous environments and weather, as well as an enjoyable, sheltered transport on clear days.

Where other vehicles sink into drifts or lose traction over hills, the Lite Trax snowmachine glides effortlessly onward. The powerful, versatile design makes it an ideal vehicle for recreational use, travel, heavy lifting or long journeys when inclement weather threatens. Each machine is easy to operate and is built with durable, long-lasting components made to endure intense storms and long miles.

Lite Trax snowmachines accommodate a wide range of tasks in various environments. Learn more about snowcat uses and see the product descriptions to find a model to ideally suit your needs.


Cabin Owners

Because of the large contact area of the tracks, the LiteTrax Vehicle can operate in soft snow, slush, powder, fine sand, or marshy soil. For many, accessing a cabin can be an adventure involving dirt, mud, drifting snow and slush all on the same day. A LiteTrax snowcat is the optimal solution, with its traction developed by the large tracks and its exceptional maneuverability. With the many available options including a heated cab, you can access your cabin in comfort while hauling people and supplies.  Try to do that on a snowmobile or ATV!

Recreational Use

The LiteTrax vehicle is ideal for many recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, trail access, skiing, and exploring. The vehicle bed is a great place to store heavy gear, and a sled or trailer can be added for even more packing room. With it’s ability to maneuver through rough terrain, the vehicle will take you to places previously inaccessible.  Have you tried to turn a tracked ATV?  Well, if you have you know that tight spaces can be difficult to maneuver.  Our LiteTrax can perform a zero point turn, and get through even the tightest of spaces.


Search and Rescue

Getting to the victim quickly and safely is the goal in search and rescue. You want a vehicle that can get off the road and get into tight spots without getting stuck. The LiteTrax vehicle can maneuver around and through many obstacles that trucks, snowmobiles and ATVs can’t.  These machines are easy to use, and easy to train with and they have low maintenance costs. Plus, with our optional 4-person enclosed cab, victims can be brought out in comfort.  Your S&R department doesn’t have $120,000 for a new Snocat? Our machine can get your team in, and the victim out for 1/3 the cost, AND we have grants and financing available for qualified departments in participating states.

People with physical limitations

The LiteTrax vehicle is easily operated with one hand, making it ideal for those with physical limitations. No need to keep both hands on the wheel or handles, using arm strength for steering and power. Instead, the vehicle is operated using a joystick. Back country and winter access is now possible and enjoyable for those with physical limitations and adventurous spirits.

Basic Utility Use

Perfect for XC trail grooming, plowing, utility access etc. Because of LiteTrax maneuverability and power to ground transfer it is ideal for pulling heavy loads and plowing snow. With on-board hydraulic options, its size and weight, and being designed for snow and extreme terrain, it is the perfect choice to get the job done.  Currently, we have an 1100d located on site at the White Pine XC center in Park City UT.  Come set-up and appointment to check it out on the job!


Disclaimer — We may, from time to time, make reference to our vehicle capabilities, and how awesome they are.  Top speed, angle climb/descent, towing capacities and other claims will be effected by variables beyond our control.  These variables will include, but are not limited to:  Elevation, humidity, temperature, snowpack, and total laden weight.  Be safe.